Manual "Tactile glove" for children of the first year of life 2018
2018-06-26, 00:54:39
Tactile sensations-one of the most important ways of knowledge of the world around the child.

Tactile sensations are touch sensations caused by the work of skin receptors. With the help of tactile sensations, along with visual, auditory and taste, the child perceives the world around him. There are many tactile games and exercises that help your child to improve the sensitivity of fingers. I offer a manual "Tactile glove" for children of the first year of life. For its manufacture I needed a cloth for gloves (fleece) and scraps of fabric, different to the touch. In my case it is artificial fur, silk, leather, also a piece of rough fabric and Velcro. These patches are sewn on the fingertips of the glove.
I sewed the glove myself, although you can use the purchase. I sewed a felt flower on my palm. The petals and the middle of the flower are filled with different grits and beads. On the back side sewed different texture and color buttons. On each finger put the colored balls. I put a glove on my hand, take the baby in my arms. The child feels each finger, touches buttons, balls, flower petals. Necessarily all actions your baby'm talking. Finally, you can stroke the legs, the child's hands with different fingers.

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