Master class for parents Topic "Favorite season — Spring " 2018
2017-03-11, 04:37:37
Education of parents making joint work. Strengthening contacts, cooperation of kindergarten and family. The discovery and development of creative potential of the parents.

The lesson

The teacher suggests to listen to excerpts from poems

A little gate opened-

Spring in guests came to us!

Bringing joy for the window-

Smiled at the bright sun...

How many white and dark purple

Along the fence grew bushes!

The branch will touch the rain radar

Flaking wet bunch,

In the vicinity of the droplet, fresh and clean,

Reflected sparkling day

And in the garden each branch dewy

So there is a smell of lilac.

All grasshoppers, beetles,

Butterflies and spiders.

Reflected in the dew

Spring is in fabulous glory.

(Drawing of a branch of lilac from nature)

The teacher invites participants to portray this kind of spring on the paper, starting from the branch of lilac (to draw a proposed gouache, pencils, brushes, napkins)

(Addition pattern applique)

Then adults take a sheet of paper, bend it in half and cut out butterfly, bugs, etc. and stick to the branch of lilac.

The teacher offers finger game:


Ladybug (squeeze each other tight fists)

Black head! (connect fingers in the "lock")

fly at the sky (open palm)

Bring us bread ("making cakes")

Black and white (serially dilute hand in hand)

Only not burnt (turns head from side to side)

Drawing of details of the image with pencils.

The unfolding and viewing of the works.

The analysis of the works
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