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2018-01-24, 10:29:31
We offer a small selection of children's mobile games that can be played at school, in the yard, in the park, in the garden or in the country.

Homeless hare
Players, except for two, become pairs in a circle (face to face), holding hands. One of the players is "hare", the other one is "wolf". "Hare," which escapes from the "wolf", hides in the middle of the pair. The one to whom the "hare" became a backside becomes a homeless hare. If the "wolf" manages to catch up with the "hare", they change roles.

Proteins, acorns, nuts
Children are divided into three. They take hands and form circles throughout the playground. Each player in the circle gets the name: "Squirrel", "Acorn", "Walnut". One of the children chooses a presenter.
On the challenge of the teacher "Nuts!", "Fibers!" or "acorns"! children quickly change places in different circles, and the leader tries to take a place in one of the three, getting the name of the player who left. The student left without a seat becomes leader. Win children who have never been in the role of leader.

Calling rooms
All players are divided into two teams and become one in a row. In each team, the teacher counts the order of all players. Then he calls the number. Players who have this number perform motor actions (such as running, jumping, etc.). A team whose player first performs a motor action receives a point.

Kick ball
The children are lined up in a circle on the site, in the center there is a pupil with a small ball in his hands. He throws the ball up and names the name of any of the children. Everyone quickly runs out, and the student whose name is called is trying to catch the ball. As soon as the student grabs or takes the ball, he shouts loudly: "Stand!". Everyone stops, and the leader throws the ball at anyone, trying to hit his feet. The one hit is becoming a leader. If he fails to hit one of the players, he quickly raises the ball, takes it into his hands and shouts again "Stand!" children who are running from him at this time.
If the driver can not hit the three hacks in someone to hit, the game repeats the first-graders.

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