Safety on the water 2018
2018-02-14, 15:35:47
In order to avoid trouble, it is important to know and follow the rules of behavior on the water.

Appear Neznayka and Znayka.

Dunno. Hi guys! Hello, Znayka!

Znayka. Hello guys! Hello, Dunno!

Dunno. How good that soon summer holidays will come! You can relax, swim on the river or in the sea, sunbathe.

Znayka. I'm also waiting for the summer holidays, and I will work as a lifeguard on the beach. I really want that with the guys did not happen trouble. Let's remember the rules of behavior on the water.

Dunno. Think who does not know them!

Znayka. Do you know all the rules: where to swim, and how long can you swim? And how to provide first aid to the victims?

Dunno. No! Why should I know? Bathe as much as you like, swim as much as you want - do not think about anything!

Znayka. No, Dunno. In order to avoid trouble, it is important to know and follow the rules of behavior on the water.

Dunno. But I'm a good swimmer!

Znayka. Drown mostly those who can swim.

Dunno. And how will they drown if they can swim?

Znayka. They violate the mandatory rules. And the rules of behavior on the water are very simple. Let's teach these rules to all the guys!

Dunno. Come on! Only I now dive once. I really like to dive.

Dunno is diving. A shout is heard.

Znayka. What happened?

Dunno. I seem to have hit! There, at the bottom, probably, there are sharp stones and other objects!

Znayka. That's why you can not dive in unfamiliar places.

Dunno. Yes, I will now know this.

Znayka. And you guys will dive in the summer in unfamiliar places?

Students' answers.

Dunno. And if you are called cowardly?

Znayka. Are they cowardly? You guys are very cautious. And right!

Dunno. And I, perhaps, will not dive any more in an unfamiliar place. Enough and one bumps on the forehead.

Znayka. Then let's continue. If you swim well, never swim for buoys.

Dunno. Why so?

Znayka. But listen to the girl.


If you see buoys -

Not for prank they.

Signs must be respected,

For buoys do not swim.

Znayka. Thank you, girl! Guys, let's repeat the chorus rule.

Children. Do not swim for the buoys!

Dunno. Znayka, let's play. The terms of the game are: longer than the others to stay under water.

Znayka. This is a very dangerous game. For children this game is inadmissible.

Dunno. I'll hide from you right now. (He's diving.)

Znayka. Dunno, quickly come up, you can choke!

Neznaika emerges, barely breathes: the water hit the ears, into the nose.

- Guys, never do that! You can not play these games! Before you dip your head into the water, take a deep breath and hold your breath for as long as you are under water, or you will choke. Listen to the girl's poem.


Do not breathe under water -

You can choke!

Under supervision, you dive,

Just be careful.

Dunno. Yes, now I will know and observe this. Znayka, look at my beautiful air mattress!

Znayka. Yes beautiful. And do you know that you should not swim on it far without the care of parents or adults?

Dunno. Why so? I'll take it and swim!

Dunno swims, a wave hits his mattress, he begins to sink.

Znayka. You see, you can not swim far without the care of parents or adults.

Dunno. Yes, I understood that. I almost drowned.

Znayka. Guys! Let's repeat one more rule one more time, which must be observed on the water.

Children. Do not swim on the mattress and inflatable cameras without adult supervision!

Dunno. Oh, something I'm hungry for. I'm going to eat and I'll be swimming again.

Znayka. First, listen to what the girl will tell you.


If you have eaten well,

Do not go into the water immediately.

Polezhi-ka you in the shade,

Sit down and rest.

Dunno. Why?

child. When the stomach is full, many children sleep, they lack the vigilance and attention necessary for safety in the water.

Znayka. Dunno, and here's another poem composed by a girl. Listen and remember.


If you have not learned

It's clever to swim and dive -

Do not risk it, listen to the advice:

"Do not swim far."

If you really wanted to

You somewhere dive -

You take Mama with you,

She will watch.

Dunno. Yes, you need to remember this. And what other rules do you need to know so that there is no disaster?

Znayka. But listen to what the girls will tell you.


The boy Fyodor was stupid -

He built his raft,

A little on it did not drown -

Nearly did not become a food for sharks.


Do not push on the water,

Do not push into the sea,

That with you does not happen,

There was no grief.

Suddenly, pirates appear. They do not let the girls finish singing. Pirates sing on the motif "Tpa-ta-ta, tra-ta-ta, we are carrying a cat with us."

Tru-tu-tu, tru-tu-tu!

We're driving, we're going on a bridge,

We go to the river blue,

No its more beautiful.

There's a ship in joke.

Come out, go out into the blue sea,

We leave directly in the blue sea.

Znayka. Pirates, how rude you are! The girls have not finished the ditties yet, in which they give advice to all the pupils, how to behave on the water. Do not bother us, please! Do you want us to teach you the rules of behavior on the water?


Still that did not suffice!

Who are the best swimmers?

We are pirates-good fellows!

We guys are brave,

The robbers are on robbery!

You want advice on dates

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