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The word "pokemon" stands for English as a "Pocket monster" in literal translation: "pocket monster." For the first time on screens of TVs of this Japanese animated series appeared in 1997. To date, Studio OLM, Inc has produced more than hundred episodes of the cartoon, and the first series was called: "Pokemon! I choose you!". Anime "Pokemon" has gained popularity in almost all corners of our planet.

What parents need to know?

Pokemon - the low-tech card game for the first time became a game for smartphones.
• Pokemon = pocket monster
• Pokestop = location in the vicinity of the player
• Pokeball = a device for transferring a wild pokemon
• GYM = place to battle pokemon
• Pikachu = the most famous in the world of pokemon and an icon of Japanese culture
How to get access?
• Pokemon Go available on Android and iOS. Download - free but, as with other free games, there are things that need to be purchased for real money.
• Among the "lucky ones" who received access - Australians, new Zealanders and North Americans. The game will soon appear in Japan, but the British will have some time to wait.
• The game topped the charts of most popular applications on the App Store. Servers Pokemon Go from time to time was unavailable due to overload, so the company Niantic, which launched the app (Niantic separated from Google, became part of the Google Inc.) has suspended access to it.
Strange things happen
• American found a dead body when I was looking for pokemon in the river near his home.
• Four people were arrested for having used the game to entice players to remote locations and Rob them at gunpoint. In response, the developers of Pokemon Go said that "we need to play with friends, if the rules of the game require moving into new or unfamiliar places" and "to keep in mind about security."
• In the US, place to battle pokémon chose the Baptist Church of Westboro, which opposes homosexuality. There players posted the pink monster with the name "love is Love". The Church responded with a series of messages on social networks, calling pokemons a sodomite.
• In addition, there were a lot of messages that people fall and get injured, because in the heat of the game you lose focus and not watch your feet.
Privacy called into question
Note that since Pokemon Go game in real time, players are likely to cross paths and see each other in real life.
By registering, you allow Niantic Labs to use your location and share this information through the app.
Are all social media, but if Facebook and Twitter you can disable this feature, then Pokemon Go it will limit your opportunities in the game.
An unprecedented success.
The games were launched two weeks ago and people went wild trying to catch all the pokémon.
On average, users spend more time playing than any app.

Tips for parents:
1. Unofficial Pokemon GO apps may contain malicious software.
Since today is Pokemon Go is officially available only in a few countries, many websites recommend users to download the game from third-party repositories.
To do this, users must allow installation of apps from untrusted sources. However, the experts found that many of these online references contain links to malicious version Pokemon GO.
During application installation installs the backdoor, called DroidJack, to the smartphone of the victim. This allows the attacker to compromise the entire device.
Therefore, installation of play only from the official source, sites that you trust.
2. Protect your privacy when you use Pokemon GO
If you play Pokemon GO, you usually forget about their privacy. Since this game requires your GPS coordinates and access to the data network (Wi-Fi or cellular network), then you cannot expect that your privacy will be respected during the game.
However, users can still avoid playing in locations where they don't want to be tracked.
In addition, you should think about how to not use your personal Gmail account, as this will allow you to connect your personal information, including the location with the actions of pokemon. Create a new Google account and not use it for anything except games Pokemon Go and other apps that you deem questionable.
Despite the fix holes in the security system, the previous version of Pokemon GO required extensive power, so don't forget to confirm the relevance of your application.
3. Search children play in the Pokemon GO, but be careful!
It's been two weeks since the launch of the Pokemon GO, but the game Nindendo begins to grow into fears. The first reason was the accident in Auburn, New York.
As was proved later, 28-year-old driver was playing Pokemon GO, was distracted and crashed into a tree.
Thus, it is not superfluous to recall once again that we should not be distracted and risk their lives and the lives of others. Don't play on the move or driving a vehicle.
• Don't try driving a vehicle
• Playing Pokemon GO, don't forget to look around.
• Think about it, because strangers can access your coordinates.
In short, use your head!

4. Pokemon GO: crimes, robbery and other crimes
The craze for the game has led to several robberies distracted players.
Pokemon GO can show you the virtual characters of the pokemons in parks and other inappropriate places. In the USA players got into dangerous areas in search of pokemons, which led to looting and violence against players.
So be vigilant, because your life and health and the lives of your children is more important than the catching of a virtual character.

Be careful and play!

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