Tolerance in the development of the conflict 2018
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Time: at the discretion of the teacher.
Form of: a game training.
Duration: 1 – 1.5 hours.
Purpose: to familiarize parents with the concepts of tolerance, education in the spirit of tolerance, tolerant approach to gaming activity of the child, the resolution of the conflict from a position of tolerant approach.

The event

1. The opening remarks.

Moderator welcomed those present at the meeting.

2. Stages of the conversation.


Which means, in your opinion, to be tolerant? (The ability to peacefully solve the problem; the ability to stand in the place of another person and understand it; tolerance of the opinions of others and others ' way of life, loyalty, liberality, etc.)

(Summarizes the responses of the parents.)

Tolerance is communication and the code of thought, conscience and belief, harmony in diversity, a virtue that makes it possible to achieve understanding between people, parents and children a peaceful, conflict-free way. The successful education of children in the family – not to the extent of parental strictness or kindness. It is much more difficult, because it requires all parents of awareness in the psychology of the child's personality, mastering the system of education in General, tolerant approach to the process of education. If you patient with young children, kind, objective, would it be hard to forgive each other serious offense, try to understand the action of another person, without judging it, then you stand on the right path to tolerance that will allow you to quickly and easily resolve all conflicts. I propose to resolve the situation.

3. Stage of the solution of pedagogical situations.

Situation 1. "Conflict is dangerous if it is not resolved"

Mother says to son: "Misha, play quieter! Why do you have again scattered toys?" And then he adds: "And yesterday you broke new car and got a Sharpie table! Immediately in the corner!" Mom is in hysterics, the explanation of the child will not be accepted.

Presenter. Are there too many claims at one time? How to solve the problem? (Learn to put toys away; explain that toys cost money and they need to be protected; to read the poem "Severed bear paw" or "Bunny threw hostess".)

The resolution of the conflict from a position of tolerance: "Misha, keep quiet please, because it's late and all your toys are tired and want to sleep. Put each in its place, and wish them a Goodnight. And we'll take pencils, sketchbook and draw magic dreams for your toys." The result: a child will fulfill the request of the mother. Mom satisfied. The conflict disappeared, failing to appear. Conclusion: when a person, in this case at the child, "dumped" several charges, it is difficult to digest and take note. Mother and son are unable to disassemble in detail every piece of conflict, a "congestion problem", the fight is inevitably delayed and there is no end in sight.

What are the causes of the conflict and out of conflict? (The reason for the conflict is the behavior of the mother in conflict. It is necessary to clarify the cause of the conflict and not to expand the number of claims. Remember! That the child personality, too, although small. And it requires respect and understanding.)

Game - training


What associations do you have when I say, "had a conflict"? Write down 4 words that are associated with this concept, and make suggestions. (Words: quarrel, resentment, punishment, disappointment. There was a quarrel. The child is punished and resentful. Mom upset. The result: conflict)

Situation 2. "Leave the problem behind the door, become a role model and admiration for my child"

Pasha. (happy) Daddy, let's go ice skating! Look, Vanya, with his father already there. You promised me yesterday.

Dad. (problems at work). Leave me alone! Well, that is promising. I can't talk to you.

Pasha. (insists). Well, please...

Dad. (pushes Pasha) .What are you stupid, mind your own business!

Presenter. What mistake was made by the Pope? (Pushed a child, insulted, broke his word.)

How to act? (To promise to go to the rink tomorrow, to offer to go alone.)

Explanation with the position tolerance: Pasha is not so important to go to the rink, he could go alone, but for him it is very important that it went to dad, because the children, especially the boys tend to imitate and be like their fathers to be proud of and admire them. The Council Pope: to leave the problem behind the door, to go skating with my son that will help to distract from the problem for a while. Thus, you are not adding to the situation and not create another conflict.

Training commandstring (participating parents and children)

The purpose: acquaintance, unity of collective, improvement of communication skills, unity, mutual support, and parenting by example.

Venue: sports hall.
The course of the game.

In Dol the wall, line up in pairs (child and parent, the middle of the hall is an imaginary abyss.

Task: take a pair from one wall to the other alternately, using different modes of transportation, without repeating the methods of previous movements of pairs. If repeated – fell into the abyss. (For example: one pair of toes, a second pair run, the third – the dad carrying a child on his shoulders, etc.).

Training game (participating children)

The game: divide into two teams, standing in a circle. For some time to pass a small ball to each other around the circle without dropping it.

Objective: to develop skills of teamwork, communication skills, mutual support, empathy, sense of responsibility.

4. Summing up parent meetings.

In conclusion, parent-teacher meetings parents are invited with their parents to do homework: create a family coat of arms, depicting him on the poster.

Objectives: to develop skills of joint activity dad, mom, I ; familiarity with the interests and traditions of the family. The emblem should reflect the Hobbies of the family, for example: fishing, making crafts, drawing, keeping a family tree, camping, reading books, etc.

Conclusion: every family has common interests that unite the family.

The way forward: to continue to familiarize parents and children with the concepts of tolerance, to introduce issues of effective negotiation, ways out of conflict, in the process of raising children.

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